Arrowhorn Email Harvester Infusionsoft Configuration

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The Arrowhorn Email Harvester Infusionsoft configuration is rather straight forward. Since this is a Chrome Extension you may install it from the Google Web Store. Every page you visit will be locally scanned by the Extension looking for email addresses in the content of the webpage you are viewing.

When email addresses are found the counter on the extension is updated.


If you click the ArrowHorn icon the found email addresses are displayed.


In order to save the email address into Infusionsoft you will first need to enter your Infusionsoft AppID. This is typically the 5 character code at the beginning of the URL once you are logged into Infusionsoft. In this case af259…


The other piece of information you will need is the Infusionsoft API key for your AppID. Here is a video from Novak Solutions that explains the process:

The first time you use the extention you’ll enter your AppID and API Key into the settings at the bottom of the popup that appears when you click the extension icon.


That’s it! Now when you click the checkbox next to a contact it is loaded into Infusionsoft. You’ll see what’s happening as the Status Messages update through out the process.

After the Contact has been created (or updated) the extension will trigger what’s called an API Goal. API Goals are used in the Campaign Builder as a type of Goal. When a Goal is achieved for a given Contact you may initiate a sequence of events. To take advantage of this functionality you will want to define a Campaign that uses the API Goal like that depicted below.


This will only work if you set the “Integration” to your AppID and the “Call Name” to ArrowHorn (CamelCase).

Next be careful! The contact you create is now in a campaign and you don’t have permission to send them automated emails – so – don’t. Here’s an example of how one client uses the extension to assign sales reps and follow-up tasks.



Known Issues:

1 – All of your Infusionsoft users that want to use this extension will need to know your API key. That may increase the risk that the API key falls into the wrong hands.

2 – The extension is using ¬†a technique called CORS to communicate from the webpage you are browsing to your Infusionsoft app. Some webs sites will block the extension. Send me a list of the sites you are experiencing issues with and I’ll add a rule to exclude them from being scanned for emails.

3- When moving from browser tab to browser tab the emails found counter is not properly updating. Refresh the page and the extension will rescan the content locally and look for email addresses.

The first two issues should go away once I get around to implementing oAuth as a means of authenticating users to your Infusionsoft AppID. Let me know what you think or if you have questions comments or concerns leave a comment or contact with me on LinkedIn. I accept nearly all invitations assuming you don’t look like a bot.


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