Infusionsoft Email for Salespeople

Email contacts without the unsubscribe link from your email server.

Avoid Gmail’s Promotions tab

Remove unsubscribe link from Infusionsoft email

Improve email deliverability

Use your domain or 3rd party email servers.

Personalized without the pain

Quickly review and edit merge field data before sending.


UPDATE – Check out Nylas’s email client. They are doing a lot of things correctly and it’s easy to extend for Infusionsoft integration.

Nylas N1 email client for sales people

There are two reasons ArrowHorn was built. One reason was driven by pain and the other by pleasure. When you have a small target market of high-value prospects there’s no room for mistakes. Cold emails have to be short, personalized and perfect. Sounds simple until you find out all that work building the list and gathering the data for the merge fields is wasted because the email landed in the spam or promotions folder thanks to the unsubscribe link and the sent via Infusionsoft in the email header. The second reason has nothing to do with you and your business. Every sales book I’ve ever read (ok, listened to) has advised against using this next word but  ‘I’ love coding and finding ways to use technology to help me sell. ArrowHorn is one of the tools built for ‘me’ to help me sell more efficiently. It’s free. Enjoy.